The imaginative design and the development of new materials have helped Camaleonte® Radiators make energy saving products.

Each room has its own distinct lighting and atmosphere that may change over time. That is why Camaleonte was made to follow that pattern, dynamic and chameleon-like, ready to adapt to any new configuration of your space.

No more static and unchangeable radiators around your house, but sensuous, colourfully-dressed heating bodies.


Three years of research and development have gone into creating a product made with dazzling lacquer, noble copper, modern glass and lightweight aluminium.

All of it the result of a desire to create a product that is highly personalisable not only at the time of purchase but also post-installation.



  • 5-year warranty on our products
  • Standard radiator parts are easily found on the market
  • A unique image of a noble body with a standard heart: this was the basic philosophy that drove our newly-conceived design idea



Office and plant
via Romana Est, 102 - 55016 PORCARI (LU)
tel. +39 0583 297028
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our solutions

Our products are made in a way that assures lower maintenance and far higher heating capacity than traditional radiators.

Interior furnishings that come in infinite colour combinations and that harmonise perfectly with the rooms where they are installed.

Just let your imagination soar!



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